Staying Active in Wheelchairs

Strength training

One example of strength training is pushups. To do these with your wheelchair, you should first apply the brakes on your wheelchair and place your arms on the armrest. While holding the armrest, lift your body a couple inches off the seat and slowly sit back down again.

Another exercise you can do is overhead stretching, which involves you sitting straight in your wheelchair and extending both hands over you’re inhaling. You then interlock your fingers and turn your palms towards the ceiling. After, exhale and push your hands slightly backwards. Hold the position for a couple seconds and return to the original position.

Wheelchair sports

There are a variety of sports that offer wheelchair options, such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, track and field, and even golf. For some of these sports, the rules and type of area can be altered to fit the needs of wheelchair athletes. Being involved with sports is a great opportunity to find local wheelchair sports groups and meet new people.

Aerobic exercises

In addition to regular exercises and sports, there are aerobic exercises and sitting aerobics (pilates) that you do, while in a wheelchair. Participating in aerobic exercises regularly can help you improve your posture and reduce spinal pain. These types of exercises focus on upper body movements and will help you improve your overall fitness.

Say yes to staying active

Just because you’re in a wheelchair, that doesn’t mean you no longer exercise regularly. In fact, it’s even more important now to keep exercising and you have plenty of options for wheelchair fitness. So, get out there and be active!

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