Power Scooter Repair

Power Wheelchair Repair

To meet our customers' needs, we offer a range of services and rely on only the highest quality parts to ensure that their wheelchairs are in peak condition. Our repair services are hugely beneficial not only because you will be able to enjoy full mobility once more, but also because they're designed with your needs and convenience in mind. The benefits are many:

We understand that mobility is an issue for our customers. For this reason, we go to you; we never ask our customers to come to use to have their wheelchairs repaired or serviced. You can rest easy knowing that your wheelchair will be serviced with little to no impact on your daily activities. And because we accept insurance, often for little to no money out of pocket either.

Power Wheelchair Maintenance

As with any mechanical device – be it a car, lawn mower, or washing machine – power wheelchairs and scooters require routine maintenance to run in peak condition. Over time, individual parts wear out or fail due to stress and overuse. By maintaining your wheelchair, you can prevent these things from happening and avoid the need for repairs. At Dynamic Repair Solutions, we maintain the following parts:

If you would like to schedule an appointment for preventive maintenance, we'd love to hear from you! After all, repairing, servicing, and maintaining power wheelchairs and scooters is at the very heart of what Dynamic Repair Solutions stands for. Let us help fulfill our mission.

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