If you have a part that needs replacement, the odds are good that we have it – and should you require assistance, our skilled service technicians can even install it! Contact us today via email or phone to inquire about a part.

Ordering Parts and Accessories – A Quick How-to

If there is a part on your wheelchair or scooter that is faulty or broken, we can help you replace it (and install it, should you require assistance). Placing a parts order with Dynamic Repair Solutions is as easy as calling us and talking to one of our experts. Simply provide us with the below information (if you can), and we'll help fulfill your order:

We stock wheelchair parts and accessories for a wide range of makes and models. If your wheelchair is due for service or maintenance, let us help provide you with the parts that you need to get it running again! From batteries to motors and joysticks, we either have the part you need in stock or can obtain it from its manufacturer.

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If you are looking to replace a part on your wheelchair, we can help. At Dynamic Repair Solutions, we accept insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid, and in many cases can meet your needs for little or no money out of pocket. Call us today at 888-258-0602 or email us to speak with one of our parts technicians. We can get you the part that you need in no time!

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