Workplace Wheelchair Accommodation

Designated parking spaces

One of the most common ways of accommodating for wheelchairs at the workplace is to provide parking spaces near entrances for wheelchair users and other disabled employees. The amount of parking spaces for disabled employees will depend on the number of available spaces in the parking lot. A good rule of thumb to follow is for every 50 spaces, designate two spaces for disabled employees.

Access ramps by entrances

Access ramps should also be available at entrances so that it’s easier for wheelchair users to enter and leave the building. According to the American Disabilities Act (ADA) Buildings and Facilities Guidelines, the ramp incline should have a slope between 1:16 to 1:20. For steeper ramps, handrails can be attached to help people in wheelchairs pull themselves up.

Wider doorways

Current doorways should be measured to see if they comply with the recommended 36-inch width suggested by the ADA Buildings and Facilities Guidelines. To make the doorways wider, you can install customized door hinges that create additional space between the door and doorway. In addition, doors in the workplace should swing in, instead of out, to allow wheelchair users to open and get through doorways.

Additional work space

Create additional workspace for wheelchair users so that they have enough room to switch from their wheelchair to an office chair. This will also allow them to feel less crowded in their work environment, which may even improve their overall productivity at work.

Be mindful

If you’re currently working with someone in a wheelchair at your job, it’s always important to be considerate of any wheelchair accommodations that might need to be made. Creating a wheelchair accessible environment can make all the difference when it comes to their work performance or even just how they feel coming into work every day.

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